Welcome to the Woodstock - Preservation Archives
Dedicated to the Historic Preservation of the Site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival

Hurd & West Shore Rds
Sullivan County
Bethel  NY

Our deepest gratitude to Max and Miriam Yasgur for giving the world an unforgettable setting for an unforgettable event.

With Our Sincere Thanks:

 We, the Woodstock Preservationists, are grateful for this cause that was started by those before us, and to those who brought life to the Woodstock Preservation Alliance.

We are grateful for each other, and for the fate or "spirit" which brought this core group of preservationists together. Different people, from different countries, who've grown up in different decades- sharing a common goal. The attempts for the historical preservation of the original Woodstock Site was an arduous undertaking, one of commitment, focus and strength, and we are thankful for the opportunity to have worked together on these efforts, and honored to have been part of this dedicated team.

With a deep respect, we extend our sincere thanks to Michael Wm. Doyle Ph.D. for his involvement and support in this project. Dr. Doyle was an essential part of these proceedings, and we are grateful to him for his time, energy and the expert guidance he provided, advising us on the best practices of historic preservation.
We are indebted to our webmaster, Timothy Dicks, for the countless hours and exemplary labors he contributed to this project - bringing our cause, and our efforts to a global audience.

Our sincere appreciation to PDQ Print Center, Scranton, PA - John Sokirka, printer - for all their help over the years, contributing exceptional quality photocopying services - printing our flyers, posters, documents, etc..

We would like to thank the members of the Woodstock Preservation Alliance, especially Carolyn Madsen, Frank Gerchman, and Jim Cook, with special thanks to Tommy "Purple" Hayes.

We would like to thank the New York State Historic Preservation Office, The National Trust for Historic Preservation, The American Council for Historic Preservation, and the New York State Preservation League.

And we would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to everyone who offered support or provided assistance, along the way, especially:

- Artie Kornfeld - Woodstock promoter/co-creator and many of the Woodstock '69 alumni, including Woodstock director Michael Wadleigh, Woodstock MC and Hogfarm leader Wavy Gravy (aka Hugh Romney), On-Stage production supervisor John Morris, Stage construction supervisor Chris Langhart, Sound Engineer Bill Hanley, and Stage production and lighting guru Chipmonck.

- All the people from around the world who signed our petition, and all those who volunteered their time to circulate that petition

- All those who submitted letters of opinion to the Town of Bethel

- All those who promoted our cause to their neighbors, local newspapers and radio stations

- All those who provided financial support for our website maintenance

- Lisa Law for allowing the use of her photographs

- All the webmasters who promoted our cause and banner on their websites, with special thanks to woodstock69.com for also endorsing our petition.

In addition, we would also like to thank:

- The newspapers for fair reporting, especially Dan Hust and the Sullivan County Democrat

- The Bethel Town Clerks for their repeated assistance

- and The Town of Bethel

And last but not least, thanks to the good people from the Gerry Foundation and the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, for without their lack of cooperation, none of this would have been possible.

Keep On Keepin' On -
Brad and Joanne


We Would Also Like to Extend a Special Thanks to All The Hundreds of Thousands of People Who Made "Woodstock" Happen, and to Those Who Attended With a Camera in Hand, Not Knowing That They Would Help Document One of the Greatest Events of the 20th Century.


Woodstock Ventures
The Principals
Michael Lang - Executive Producer
John Roberts - Financier
Joel Rosenman - Administrative Troubleshooter, Advertising
Artie Kornfeld - Publicity and Subsidiary Rights

The Executive Staff
Mel Lawrence - Director of Operations
Wes Pomeroy - Chief of Security
Chris Langhart - Technical Director and Designer
Stanley Goldstein - Headhunter and Campgrounds Coordinator
John Morris - Production Coordinator
Don Ganoung - Community Relations
Chip Monck - Stage Lighting and Technical Designer
Peter Goodrich - Concessions
Steve Cohen - Production Stage Manager

The Staff
Jay Drevers - Staging Supervisor
Lee Mackler - Security and Administration
John Fabbri - Security
Ticia Bernuth - Production Assistant
Penny Stallilngs - Administrative Assistant
Keith O'Connor - Assistant Ticketing Operations
Bill Ward - Director of Art Crew
Jean Ward - Art Crew and Administration
Lenny - Director of Heavy Security
Ron Liis - Art and Playground Design and Water-Search
Joyce Mitchell - Office and Administration
Joe Kimble - Security
Jewel Ross - Security
Renee Levine - Bookkeeper
Howard Hirsch - Art Exhibit
Peter Leeds - Art Exhibit
Kimberly Bright - Office Assistant
Jerry Pompili - Administration
Carol Green - Staff Cook
Ingrid Von Wilsheim - Purchasing
Karen Eager - Security Assistant
Boyd Elder - Art Crew
Otis Hallendale - Office Assistant
The Bastard Sons - Construction
The Black Shirts - Security
The Hog Farm - Construction, Planning and Security
Hugh Romney - Hog Farm Leader
Bonnie Jean Romney - Hog Farm Coordinator

Dr. William Abruzzi - Medical Director
Bill Hanley - Sound
Food For Love - Food
Bert Cohen - Office Design, Coordnator of Underground Advertising
The Wartoke Concern - Public Relations
Dick Gersh - Public Relations
David Levine - Performer's Food
Tom Grimm - Telephones
Charles Macaluso - Trash and Carting
Bill Reynolds - Portable Toilets
Bill Belmont - Artist Coordination
Michael Foreman - Program
Bill Graham - Artists' Reps
Tom Rounds - Land Evaluation
Tom Driscoll - Land Evaluation
David Michaels - Legal Rights Advice
Tom Edmonston - Construction
Jane Friedman - Public Relations
Albert Grossman - Artists' Reps
Manny Greenhill - Artists' Reps
James Grant - Executive Director, New Mexico Governor's Crime Commission
Donald Goldmacher - Medical Committee for Human Rights
Rikki Sanderson - Medical
Tri-County Citizens Band Radio Club - Communications
Abbie Hoffman - Public Relations
Arnold Puff - Communications
Lee Osborne - Recording
Michael Wadleigh - Motion Picture Director / Producer
Bob Maurice - Motion Picture Producer
Michael Margets - Preliminary Filming
Malcolm Hart - Preliminary Filming
Arnold Skolnick - Festival Poster
Intermedia Systems - Transportation and Efficiency
Hector Morales - Booking Agent

Alexander Tapooz - Woodstock
Mr. Shaler - Saugerties
Howard Mills, Jr. - Wallkill
Max and Miriam Yasgur - Bethel

Miles Lourie - New York City
Paul Marshall - New York City
Samuel W. Eager, Jr. - Wallkill
Richard Gross - Bethel

Rosenberg's - Bullville, NY
The Red Top - Middletown, NY
The Diamond Horseshoe - Bethel, NY
The El Monaco Motel - Bethel, NY

Joe Fink - NYPD / Festival Recruitment
Ralph Cohen - NYPD / Festival Recruitment
Howard Leary - Commissioner / NYPD
George McManus - NYPD / Chief Inspector

Jack Schlosser - Town Supervisor
Joseph Owen - Town Attorney
Cliff Reynolds - Concerned Citizens Committee
Richard Dow - Concerned Citizens Committee
Al Romm - Editor / The Times Herald Record
Ethel Romm - Writer
Dennis Cosgrove - Innkeeper
Irv Coulter - Town Clerk
Herbert Freer - Town Father
Herbert Fabricant - Atty for Howard Mills
Henry Itzla - Town Councilman
Louis Ingrassia - Town Councilman
Pat Mills - Howard Mills' Wife
Jules Minker - Atty for Concerned Citizens Committee

Elliott Tieber - Proprietor / El Monaco Motel
Morris Abraham - Real Estate Salesman
Daniel J. Amatucci - Town Supervisor
Harrison Dunbrook - New York State Transportation Director
Judge George L. Cobb - Heard Citizen's Complaints Against Festival
William Filippini - Landowner
Louis Komanchek - Town Father
Charlie Prince - Branch Manager / Sullivan County National Bank
Emily Rosch - Civil Defense Administrator
Charles Rudiger - Superintendent / Monticello Schools
Frederick W. V. Schadt - Town Attorney
Ken Van Loan - Bethel Businessman

Joan Baez
Blood, Sweat and Tears
The Jeff Beck Group (cancelled)
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
The Band
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Canned Heat
Country Joe McDonald & The Fish
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Joe Cocker
Arlo Gutherie
Grateful Dead
Tim Hardin
Jimi Hendrix
Richie Havens
Keep Hartley
The Incredible String Band
Iron Butterfuly (did not appear)
It's a Beautiful Day (dismissed)
Janis Joplin
The Jefferson Airplane
The Joshua Light Show
John Sebastian
Ravi Shankar
Sly and the Family Stone
Bert Sommer
Ten Years After
Johnny Winter
The Who