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We have and will always respect the privacy of all visitors to our web site. Visitors are asked only to provide information in guest books, e-mails, or other areas of the web site which they feel comfortable using. The Internet can be a place of improper usage of information, so all visitors are asked to offer only information to places they trust.

Any information submitted to this website shall only be kept until whatever reasons for submitting it have been dealt with. It will not be given, sold or otherwise dispersed of, in any way.

* C.O.P.P.A. requirements are maintained at this site. This is a child-safe site, rated with ICRA and Family Friendly Site, however; the Woodstock - Preservation Archives does not cater to a young audience. To protect our young visitors, this website does not include a message board or discussion forum.

* Commitment to the Privacy of Children
Parental permission is required for visitors under the age of 13 who participate in this website, primarily for requests for correspondence with our Woodstock Historians, or the submission of a project/paper to our Student Reference/Resource page.

* Guest Book / Memories Page
Entries placed in the Guest book and Memories pages may have names, locations, and pictures about certain people, but they are always given by others who share this information with me. This information is given by e-mail and permission to use any information at the Woodstock - Preservation Archives is stated in these e-mails, including the sender's e-mail address. Unless it is, information will not be shown. Personal information is dependant upon what you submit to our Guest book or our Memories page. This information is never logged or recorded.

Anyone may revoke the use of any information they are not comfortable with at any time.

* Student - Woodstocker Correspondence
The Woodstock - Preservation Archives acts as a bridge connecting students and interested parties with Woodstockers who attended the festival in 1969. Name, location, and e-mail addresses of Woodstockers taking part in any correspondence made possible through this website, are logged, kept on file and used for the sole purpose of bridging. The name and e-mail address of students/persons requesting correspondence, will be made available to the Woodstockers responding to requests, upon initial correspondence. It will be at the desecration of the Woodstocker to reveal his/her e-mail address when responding to the inquiry. E-mail addresses are not made available to anyone else, for any reason.
Never will phone numbers, specific home addresses, or other personal information be asked for or posted on this website. First names, e-mail addresses, and basic age requirements to meet C.O.P.P.A. standards are all I will ask about the person.

* Student Submissions
First name, last initial, state/country (Jane D. Ohio, USA) will be the only information made public, by the Woodstock - Preservation Archives website, from students submitting their works to our Essay page. Personal information on student submissions will be logged by this website, and used solely as our reference to the author. Full/partial identity disclosure can be requested by the student (i.e. e-mail address for feedback), and made possible only with the expressed written consent of the student author to the Woodstock - Preservation Archives website.

* Non-Personal Information
The Woodstock - Preservation Archives does not track non-personal information of our users, such as: The type of web browser software you use (for example, Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer), the name of the domain from which you access the Internet, the Internet address of the web site from which you linked directly to Woodstock Preservation Archives website, the date and time you accessed the Woodstock - Preservation Archives website, which pages you have visited on the Woodstock - Preservation Archives website, or when you visit the Woodstock - Preservation Archives website.

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