It is time to announce the annual Drums from Heaven Earth Dance. We are less than 2 months away from our gathering on Sunday April 22, 2018, which is Earth Day. Saving the planet has always been our Earth day April theme. Lets not only remember to keep our planet green, but let's all keep safe.
      Our fundraising this time around is for 2 people. Reyna who is a drummer in our community has not been able to get the work she would like because of her poor eye site and has been waiting for some special lenses so she can drive a car. This will also mean she needs special driving courses to learn to drive with those special glasses. Donna who is a school teacher has ALS. Her condition has been worsening for over a 4 year period. She is in need of some medical assistance. I am asking for all of you to come out and support these 2 women.
      You all know the drill by now. We come together and drum, dance, sing & chant. As you know it's a joyful time we have together. To share our energy and help others is a very nice feeling. As we go into our 
13'th year of Drums from Heaven, this is something I am very proud of. Without your support this would not happen.
       For those who are not familiar with what we do at Drums from Heaven, we have a drum circle during about half of our time, with light facilitation just to keep the groove going. We also have some performances mixed in. Besides your door donation, about half way thru the afternoon we have tricky tray raffles with some nice prizes for you to win. Of course we have drums for you to win too! My friend from NY state Paul has donated a beautiful set of bongos. We will also have a djembe to win. I am working on getting some food donated.
      The beautiful Life Movement Belly Dancers will give another wonderful performance. I am still working on an African drum performance. Dave Karlberg will treat us to a Gong bath to close our day and leave us all feeling relaxed. Over all, our time together will have some awesome energy as we create our vibe.
So please come out on April 22. We begin at 3PM and go till 8 PM. Every hour has something different, so even if you can only come for part of the day, you will have a good time.
         We will have an Earth Day art table and information on keeping this planet alive and green. Your welcome to add your relevant info here. Please "No politicalization".
All are welcome to attend, no drumming or dancing experience needed, just know how to have fun!
       This event is at the VFW hall located at 44 Market St. in Saddle Brook, NJ.  The cost of running this event has doubled since we started in 2005. I am trying to keep the cost for adults at $20. so you can all afford to attend. It's possible this could change if these costs keep rising. I know you cannot get 5 hours of interactive entertainment like this anywhere else, especially with food included. We do rely on you taking chances to win prizes to help off set expense and help raise money for the cause.
      If anyone can donate something we can raffle please contact me. 
More information will be coming as we get closer to 4-22-18.
If you could forward this info to people on your e-mail lists or your Facebook friends, that would help make this event an even bigger success. 
Updated schedule will come out a week ahead of the Earth Dance. If your not yet a Facebook friend join me at Tommy Purple Hayes and please like the Drums from Heaven page.

 I thank you in advance for your support and really hope you can join us for another fun filled day.
     Sing on brother, play on drummer, dance little sister dance.
                                                                     Drumaste', Tommy Purple Hayes