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                   I have been playing various hand drums and percussion instruments for over 25 years. I have been facilitating drum circles for about 12 years. It is with this experience I am offering a chance for you to add this wonderful activity to your life.


Are you ready to experience the joy of drumming?

Individual drumming or the drum circle experience can bring many healthy

benefits to yourself. Relaxation, stimulation, meditation, healing and spiritual fulfillment are all part of what you can feel while drumming. In general,

drumming is recreational and lot's of fun! A drum circle can bring rhythm and harmony to its participants and enhance your musical creativity.

There are different styles of drum circles. Some are led by a facilitator, who starts a rhythm and each player joins in finding their place in the beat. Sometimes the drummers play all in sync, other times there can be variations added with the

drums and many other types of percussion instruments. Some drum circles are free form, in a sense that most of the drummers play off each others beats. One of the most important parts of a drum circle is for the participants to Image may contain: 1 person, fire, tree and outdoorlisten to the rhythm and beat. Once everyone learns to play together there is a feeling of unity.

 Drum circles also provide energy not only to the drummers but also to those who like to dance to the rhythms. Most drum circles have a space within the center of the circle of drummers left open for dancing. There is never any pressure on anyone as this is a time to relax and create within your own ability.

Drum for joy, Tommy Hayes
















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