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Dedicated to the Historic Preservation of the Site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival

Hurd & West Shore Rds
Sullivan County
Bethel  NY



The Woodstock Preservation Alliance
PO Box 216
Olyphant PA 18447

April 6, 2003

Mr. Jonathon Drapkin
The Gerry Foundation, Inc.
One Cablevision Center
PO Box 311
Liberty NY 12754

Mr. Drapkin,

We are once again contacting you in our continuing effort to preserve the 38 acres of the original 1969 Woodstock Music and Arts Festival. The Woodstock Preservation Alliance is requesting that this site be allowed the recognition to which it is entitled.

You, the Gerry Foundation, have already confirmed that the Woodstock site is eligible for National registration. As the Gerry Foundation is slated to receive tax payers' money for the development of the Bethel PAC, we urge you to endorse the sites inclusion to the National Register of Historic Places. Why would you not support this? The WPA did not expect any opposition on your part, to our desire to proceed with the registration process. And although it has been stated that the Gerry Foundation would consider this action in the future, the WPA believes that this is an important-enough issue to justify immediate attention.

We are appealing to Mr. Gerry, and to the Gerry Foundation Inc., for a statement of support, which would allow us to continue with the application process to have the "Woodstock Site" placed on the National Register. We have enclosed the necessary document for your signature.
We await your prompt response to our request. Any further questions can be directed to Joanne Hague (570) 489-XXXX or Jim Cook (518) 762-XXXX.


The WPA - Board of Directors
The Woodstock Preservation Alliance

cc: Alan Gerry
Glenn Pontier