This banner embraces the efforts that were put forth prior to the evolution of historic preservation. The Woodstock Preservation Alliance is the banner which the Preservationists stood under throughout their efforts for the historic preservation of the Woodstock Site. The "Dove Behind the Fence" was a signature logo used by the Woodstock Preservationists to raise awareness and the chain-link fence is symbolic of the fact that the privilege to walk freely on the Woodstock Site, is no longer allowed.

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Dedicated to the Historic Preservation of the Site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival

Hurd & West Shore Rds
Sullivan County
Bethel  NY


The Woodstock Preservation Photo and Video Gallery

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The Anniversary Celebrations

Woodstock - 10th Anniversary - 1989
10th Anniversary - 1989
Photo Courtesy: Elliott Landy 

Woodstock '89 ... "The Forgotten Woodstock" took place in August 1989 on the site of the original Woodstock concert as a spontaneous celebration of the event's 20th anniversary.

A Collection of Woodstock Articles
1989 - 2009
Courtesy: Suzanne J Graeber 


Courtesy: Bob Christopher



Woodstock - 25th Anniversary Bumper Sticker
25th Anniversary - 1994
Bumper Sticker
Carol's dream & Gift Shop - Bethel NY
On the Left - Traveling 17B East -
Just before the entrance to Bethel Woods
Bethel 94 - Times Herald-Record
Bethel '94
(Courtesy: Times Herald-Record)




Welcome Home
The Woodstock Anniversary's
1989 - 1990 - 1994
By: Stu Fox
Hug Pass - 1995
Circulated: Woodstock Reunion 1995
New York State Museum
Albany  NY
"Spirit of the Woodstock Generation"
The Photographs of Elliott Landy







In 1985, Miriam Yasgur decided to sell their homestead. It was purchased by Roy Howard, a Monticello, NY resident and Woodstock alumnus,

and Jeryl Abramson. A stipulation in the deed stated that one square foot of land would remain Yasgur property,

ensuring that a piece of land would forever remain.


  Yasgur's Farm   Yasgur's Farm  


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Roy Howard & Jeryl Abramson


After the Woodstock Site was sold, in 1996 the annual reunions that took place on that land, were halted by the

Gerry Foundation, and the Bethel Town Officials, and the people were no longer allowed to celebrate on the Site.
It was then, when Roy Howard, and his wife Jeryl Abramson, owners of the Yasgur homestead. stepped in to help. 
They welcomed all celebrants to their farm - Max's Farm. 


Thousands of pilgrims from all over the world would make the trip to
Roy and Jeryl's to celebrate Woodstock's anniversary, and these reunions continued every August for the next 10 years,

until the town permanently enjoined the couple from welcoming people.

  In 2006,  the annual gatherings were banned by the Town of Bethel through the use of excessive

police force, but the people still came.


Following 17 years or controversy and legal battles, the struggle finally reached a bittersweet ending.

 On April 9, 2013, the ban was lifted and a permit was issued, allowing the Woodstockers to return "home".

 but Roy never got to see their dream realized. He passed away just weeks before.


Roy Howard will always be remembered as our modern-day Max Yasgur, as he takes his place within Woodstock's history,

and his life will be celebrated as people make their annual visit back to "the Farm."



In Loving Memory





  "Bring Love" - Yasgur's Road 1996
"Bring Love"
Yasgur's Road - 1996
Yasgur Road Productions

Bethel '99

30 Year Woodstock Reunion

Courtesy: Jeff Olson
Yasgur's Road

woodstock '97

"Welcome Home" - Yasgur Road Reunion "Wanna Party" Peace Rally Flyer - 1999
"Wanna Party" Peace Rally
Flyer - 1999
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Freedom of Assembly Pass - 1999
Freedom of Assembly Pass - 1999
Freedom of Assembly Pass
We're Still Not Here - 1999
We're Still Not Here - 1999
We're Still Not Here 
Yasgur Road Reunion Flyer - 2004
Yasgur Road Reunion
Flyer - 2004

Poster - 2010   Woodstock Reunion Poster - 2010                         Poster - 2011  Woodstock Reunion Poster - 2011

Poster - 2013


Bumper Sticker - 2014






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