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Hurd & West Shore Rds
Sullivan County
Bethel  NY

 The Woodstock Poster
One of the Most Famous Images in Music History
The promoters settled on the concrete slogan of "Three Days of Peace and Music" figuring that the word peace would link the antiwar sentiment to the rock concert, and also wanting to avoid any violence, they thought a slogan with peace in it would help keep order.

This promotional poster for the Woodstock Music and Art Fair of August 1969 promised "hundreds of acres to roam on." Artist Arnold Skolnick initially designed what was known as the festival's dove-and-guitar symbol as a catbird and a flute.Arnold Skolnick - Designer of the Woodstock Poster "I was staying on Shelter Island off Long Island, and I was drawing catbirds all the time," he said. "It sat on a flute for a day, and I finally ended up putting it on a guitar."

Due to the fact the festival was moved from Wallkill to Bethel, promoters were afforded very little time to have this poster created, printed and distributed. It was 4 days before the event began when the posters were delivered. 75 were hung on telephone poles, some were sold for $1.00 as souvenirs to the crowds as they were leaving. The rest were never used.

The original has been in the possession of the promoter's Kross safe since 1969.

Interview with Arnold Skolnick at WoodstockStory.com

Due to the change in venue,  limited time, and acts still being signed, the text on the poster underwent several changes prior to final printing.


Courtesy: Brad Littleproud

Original Woodstock Poster

Artie Kornfeld Artie Kornfeld
Woodstock Co-Creator and Promoter
Artie Kornfeld - Autograph

Michael Lang Michael Lang
Woodstock Co-Creator and Producer
Michael Lang - Autograph

John Sebastian John Sebastian
Unscheduled performer Day 1 :
Sang "Younger Generation"
John Sebastian - Autograph

Melanie Melanie
Scheduled Performer Day 1:
Sang "Beautiful People"
Melanie - Autograph

Richie Havens Richie Havens
1st Performer on stage: Sang "Freedom"
    Richie Havens, Arnold Skolnick - Autograph
Arnold Skolnick Arnold Skolnick
Artist - Woodstock Poster

Wavy Gravy  Wavy Gravy
(aka Hugh Romney) -
Woodstock MC, Hog Farm Leader (security, food)

Best known quote "What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000"
Grace Slick  Grace Slick
(Jefferson Airplane) - Sang "White Rabbit and Volunteers"
Wavy Gravy, Grace Slick, Carlos Santana - Autograph
Carlos Santana Carlos Santana
(need we say more) - "Soul Sacrifice"