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Dedicated to the Historic Preservation of the Site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival

Hurd & West Shore Rds
Sullivan County
Bethel  NY

People have written in asking how one can distinguish the difference between original Woodstock Posters and Tickets. This is what we can tell you:

An Original Woodstock ’69 Poster vs. a Copy


- Original posters came in 2 sizes 18" x 24" and 32" x 24".
- They were either on a heavier cardstock or very thin paper used to plaster on walls and billboards.
- If the poster looks new or is that shiny poster paper, it is not original.
- Many originals have a thin white border around them and have the printing company stamped on the back.
- If it has a white border and larger border on the bottom, it is a second printing.
- If the color is orange and not red, and the details for camping etc, only has the header "crafters bazarre" etc. - with no underneath text, it is not original.

Original Woodstock ‘69 Ticket vs. a Copy

- Notice the ticket that cost $6.00 per day. This was in the first group of advance sale tickets sold for the concert. In later printings, the tickets would change to $7.00 per day and, finally, $8.00 per day for the final group.
- The more faded the better.
- The really crisp orange and green ones are fakes (made from the same plates but at a later date.)
- Same goes for 3 day tickets. The more faded, the better the odds that it is real.
- All $6 and $7 tickets are usually real.

Original Woodstock Program vs. a Copy

On the original, the "f" in the word "of" sits directly in a sunflower bud. The first and last pages are a thin, opaque onion skin like parchment. Almost every glossy image with a black background has little white dot imperfections. On the Grateful Dead 2 page, spread has the same clarity on both pages and the reprints are washed out looking.

Hope this helps.