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Hurd & West Shore Rds
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Poster Designed By David Byrd

In the cultural - political atmosphere of 1969, promoters Kornfeld and Lang knew it was important to pitch Woodstock in a way that would appeal to their peers' sense of independence. Lang wanted to call the festival an "Aquarian Exposition". capitalizing on the zodiacal reference from the musical "Hair", and he had an ornate poster designed featuring the Water Bearer.
Ultimately, the event's publicity shrewdly appropriated the counterculture's symbols and catch phrases and the group settled on the concrete slogan of "Three Days of Peace and Music".
The highly conceptual theme of Aquarius was downplayed..
Excerpt: Woodstock Peace Music and Memories

David Byrd Drawings

David Byrd

A note about the WOODSTOCK Drawing: In the spring of 1969, Woodstock Ventures asked David to create a poster for a large outdoor concert they were planning in WallKill, New York to be called Woodstock. After the poster was printed, the town of Wallkill had the permit for the concert revoked and it was moved to the town of White Lake on Max Yasgurs farm. Making any printed material on the Wallkill location very rare. The original poster by David became a very hard to fine collectors item. This original drawing for the approval of that rare poster is an incredible find.

A Tale of Two Posters